5 Steps to Bolster Your E-commerce Customer Retention

Maintaining a competitive edge in an increasingly aggressive e-commerce industry is necessary for survival and sustained growth for your business. Through innovation and customer appreciation measures, your company can retain existing customers and expand your client base as new customers hear about your measures to reward loyal customers. Below are five things that you can do to bolster e-commerce customer retention.

1. Provide an accurate shipping quote immediately. Customers prefer to know all costs up front rather than placing an order for a product and being surprised with unexpected shipping costs.

2. Include a coupon that customers can apply toward their next purchase. This gesture serves the dual purpose of pleasing a client and increasing your potential for more orders in the future.

3. Offer free shipping. While this strategy may not be feasible with low-margin orders or those that only cost a few dollars, free shipping can sometimes be the factor that leads a customer to finalize a purchase.

4. Establish a rewards system through which customers can accumulate points. Customers enjoy being rewarded for their loyalty. A points system offers an incentive for your customers to continue to buy from you while providing enjoyment for the customer.

5. Periodically hold fun contests and giveaways for your customers. Examples of effective promotions include drawings for free products and holiday giveaways with orders reaching a certain monetary threshold.

If you would like to learn more about strategies that will help you retain your e-commerce customers, please contact us. Our expertise in the e-commerce arena enables us to lend valuable guidance to e-commerce businesses in Canada and the U.S. We look forward to hearing from you!