The Best in Logistics Technology

Technology continues to transform industries all around the world.
In the realm of logistics, using the best technology can lower operating
costs, speed up shipping times, reduce human error, simplify processes
and even improve the way we manage inventories.

WMS Technology

Through the use of our WMS technology, businesses have access to the status
of their inventory in real-time, all the time. This technology has five key
components: bar codes, wireless handheld computers, wireless access points,
software, and an internet module.
Through this efficient system, you can be confident in our process of planning,
implementing and controlling procedures to efficiently and accurately track and
store goods. Benefit from fast and accurate data with the ability to generate
reports by item, transaction, location or owner

Carrier Rate Shopping

Technology is powerful, it can improve and simplify nearly anything if enough
time is spent developing it. When it comes to shipping technologies that can
save you a lot of money, carrier rate shopping is one of our top picks.
It can ensure that you get the lowest shipping and benefit from the value of
regional carriers, no matter where you ship. So if you’re shipping to a new
location, our carrier rate shopping tool is a great fit as it enables you to find the
best shipping rates, without any compromise.

Simplify Logistics
with Technology

Struggling to keep up with your need for
warehousing, packaging and shipping?

Make the most of technology and simplify your
processes with Ottawa Logistics.


Ottawa Logistics can seamlessly connect to your ERP system, e-commerce
platform, or shopping cart so that we can receive your daily orders. We’ve
integrated with all major ecommerce platforms and other smaller platforms.

Trucks, aeroplanes, and boats may be the first things that come to mind when you think of logistics. Today, logistic operations are  far more technologically advanced. We employ a variety of platforms to increase the transparency of your projects, make them simple to manage, and give your company long-term support. Modern times require integrated logistics management, which will make the life cycle of your projects easier.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) This kind of system aids your company in organising the flow of materials from purchasing raw materials to storing finished goods before distributing them to clients or retail stores. You can monitor the entire process from beginning to end. Ottawa Logistics can easily connect to your existing ERP system.

Warehouse Management System (WMS) We have all the information we require on our warehouses thanks to this system. It indicates how much of a product or material is contained in them. Additionally, it can assist in determining the best layout for  warehouse’s operations.

Transportation Management System (TMS) This gives us access to all of the information in your logistics plan’s transportation section. It helps in picking the optimal route and arranging shipments in the most effective ways.


When all three of these technologies are combined, you are given a tremendous window into your operations. At Ottawa Logistics, we pride ourselves on all of our technology and integrated logistics services because we recognise the critical role that Integrated Logistics Support plays. Want to know how everything come together? Contact us for a free consultation.

Barcode Technology

Through the use of barcode technology, customers are able to know at all times status of their inventory. The barcode technology system has five key components: bar codes, wireless handheld computers, wireless access points, software, and an Internet module.  Through this efficient system, customers can be confident in Ottawa Logistics’ process of planning, implementing and controlling procedures to efficiently and accurately track and store goods.  Handheld computers scan the barcode and the information is transmitted by radio frequency to the access point that covers 160,000 square feet.  The access point allows the system to operate wirelessly and instantly update to the software that generates the data for the Internet module.  Customers are able to benefit from the fast and accurate data entry that can be immediately seen via the Internet in regard to their inventory and can even generate reports by item, transaction, location or owner.

The Barcode System Process

The barcode system helps throughout the entire process: receiving, putting away, picking and distributing.  During receiving, bar codes are placed on items, the information is scanned into the handheld computer, and the data is instantly updated and available for viewing.  When putting away items for storage, the barcode system tracks where the items are placed for efficiency and accuracy.  When picking items for shipping, the online order that is filled out on the browser window goes directly to the handheld computer device of the warehouse, and the locations of the items are verified.  As soon as the list is completed, a packing list is printed automatically and the order is sent to the customer. Contact us today and ask about our upfront pricing model that features no volume minimums, no hidden fees, and no long-term contracts.

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