Warehouse Kitting Solutions

We provide a variety of kitting and assembly services in our warehouse. A kit is a ready-to-ship package that is assembled out of individual pieces or component parts as part of the kitting process. An assembly line and a variety of pick and pack fulfilment techniques are often used in Ottawa Logistics kitting procedure.

Warehouse Kitting Experts

When your complex fulfilment operations encompass ecommerce, omnichannel, and retail fulfilment in addition to other warehousing services like product kitting, assembly, and light manufacturing, it can be challenging to manage them without expertise or experience. For businesses wishing to optimise their warehousing and supply chain operations at Ottawa Logistics, kitting fulfilment and assembly services can be quite helpful, especially in sectors where product output and demand are prone to fluctuations.


Our kitting and assembly services at Ottawa Logistics let you delegate tasks to us that would otherwise take up all of your precious time and warehouse space. We offer adaptable solutions that won’t demand incessant time and resources from you. No matter which combination of our kitting, assembly, or light manufacturing services you need, our effective and adaptable procedures are made to make sure that we can come up with a unique solution for you while also saving you money.

Benefits Of Implementing Warehouse Kitting

The fact that products are handled in bulk rather than individually as they arrive makes processing the items much faster and this is one of the main advantages of our warehouse kitting services. If a business currently handles its own order fulfilment, outsourcing this function to a 3PL provider like Ottawa Logistics will help to streamline this process and result in overall cost savings.


Items that are shipped as a kit lower the possibility of a fulfilment process error of many varieties. It will also take much less time if the supplies are packaged together in a kit because label printing can be done ahead of time thereby fast tracking the shipping process.


Warehouse kitting services often lead to savings. No matter how much goods you ship, there will probably be savings. However, the larger volume of goods that you’re shipping, the more you have to save by implementing kitting services.

Kitting Services with Ottawa Logistics

Do you want to incorporate kitting into your company process? If so, get in touch with Ottawa Logistics right away. As a 3PL company with relevant experience and expertise, we have offered kitting services to a variety of companies in a range of diverse industries and sectors.


Our goal is to provide you with a solution that is both affordable and offers the savings your business model demands. At the same time, accuracy is always prioritised above everything else.  At Ottawa Logistics, we know that it is  crucial to have the proper infrastructure to guarantee that kitting is carried out appropriately in warehousing. By utilising the newest tools and technology, we’ll make sure that’s the case and provide you with a service that goes above and beyond your expectations.

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