Warehouse Returns Management

Reverse logistics is the process of accepting returned goods in order to retain value or dispose of them properly. By utilising our returns management system, we will create a process to meet your needs. Ottawa Logistics can expedite the returns process, package returns for delivery back to manufacturer or we can help ship to new customers. We have experience and expertise in product returns & refurbishment. Your exact disposal instructions will be followed by our skilled crew, and every inventory movement will be immediately and accurately updated on our warehouse management system.

Your Dedicated Reverse Logistics Specialists

The fact that some products will eventually be returned is a reality of selling anything in the market. You must be ready to handle the reverse logistics of your business, whether the product is flawed, the end user simply changed their mind or didn’t enjoy their gift. In order to reduce the effect on your bottom line, returns management must be effective. Your product returns might never have to come back to you again when you outsource reverse logistics and returns administration to Ottawa Logistics.


At Ottawa Logistics,  we have expertise in dealing with your merchandise, in addition to being experts in returns management. When returned goods are received to one of our warehouses, our team will examine them and depending on the cause for the return, take the necessary procedures to either get them back to you or into the supply chain.

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Returns Management at Ottawa Logistics

The handling of returns, or reverse logistics, is just as crucial to your customers’ overall satisfaction as the initial sale. At the very least, their annoyance will prevent them from making more purchases from you if your consumers are disappointed by a convoluted returns procedure. Public online feedbacks that sway people away from making purchases from your website have the potential to have even more negative effects. Implementing our dependable reverse logistics solution helps reduce the difficulty and unfavourable feedbacks.


Returns can be a challenge for businesses that are not prepared for reverse logistics, whether you are selling to businesses or to consumers directly. At Ottawa Logistics, we consider returns to be an instance of incoming shipping. We put our procedures into practise to help you increase your sales and profits as a result of the savings. We are aware that returns will always be a part of our clients’ operations and will explore every avenue to unlock the hidden potential of reverse logistics.

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