Zone Skipping with Ottawa Logistics

Zone skipping is used to deliver packages at the lowest possible cost. Zone skipping is the practise of moving a package between rate zones and dropping it off at a local carrier hub to obtain the cheapest last-mile delivery fee. This leads to significant cost reductions, faster delivery to local entry points creating quicker overall transits to the recipient, full tracking visibility available at all times, ability to fulfil and ship orders processed on the weekend for a more complete shopping experience.

Package Zone Skipping

Zone skipping is a shipping strategy used by e-commerce businesses to benefit from local rather than national freight prices. Particularly in cross-border and long-distance domestic shipping circumstances, there is a huge possibility to reduce transportation costs and improve transit times.


Carriers typically divide geographical regions into zones and charge shipping fees for moving products between them. When e-commerce businesses employ zone skipping to the local area, they are skipping the cost of direct transportation across many zones and taking advantage of lower costs. Pallets and packages are delivered to their final location via local carriers after being sorted locally.

Why Zone Skipping Might Be Right For You

Savings for Businesses and Customers: You can lower the freight cost on your inventory and the cost of delivery by utilising these strategies. Your customers will pay less for their shipments as a result of these cost savings.


Quicker Transit Times: Zone skipping allows packages to bypass various sorting facilities on their way to their final location. Instead, you’ll see quicker shipments to local carriers, which will result in faster deliveries for your clients.


Tracking: Customers and your company can readily monitor the locations of your shipments and their anticipated arrival timeframes by utilising Ottawa Logistics Zone Skipping services.


Contact us today to find out how zone skipping can save your business and customers some money today.

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Parcel Tracking

Ottawa Logistics is a market leader in parcel zone skipping. eCommerce customers can track their package’s progress via our tracking and checkpoints as it makes its way to a different last-mile delivery provider or till we drop it off at the clients. Client satisfaction is directly correlated with shipment visibility and tracking, and the Ottawa Logistics offers this crucial functionality. Contact us today to explore the service if you think Parcel Zone Skipping might be beneficial for your business.


Are you looking for new ways to save money on parcel shipping? Consider incorporating Zone skipping into your overall transportation plan if you aren’t already doing so.

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