Same Day Shipping with Ottawa Logistics

At Ottawa Logistics, all orders received before 1:30 PM EST are picked, packed, and shipped on that very same day. As leading providers of third-party logistics services, our team knows how beneficial same-day shipping can be.

What Is Same Day Shipping?

Same-day delivery refers to a shipping model when a consumer orders a product that can be delivered to their door the same day. Same-day delivery not only results in satisfied consumers but also saves shipping and inventory costs for businesses, enables businesses to attract more clients, boosts margins and business chances, and gives your company an advantage over the competition.

At Ottawa Logistics, we collaborate with you to ascertain your delivery requirements and the specifics of your shipment, our team of experts will be able to match you with the right systems and processes that will be most advantageous to your business.

Our process for same day shipping includes order confirmation, order processing and delivery as well as tracking. We have the necessary experience and expertise in same-day delivery as well as a broad range of services, so we are aware of what it takes to support the success of your business in Canada.

Same Day Shipping Benefits

Customer Relationships

Happy customers are the key to successful businesses. By providing same-day delivery services, you can establish and foster a positive relationship with your consumers. This can also help you build a stronger brand image for your business.


By removing the need for your clients to change their schedules to accommodate a courier, you can offer them a higher degree of convenience. Your consumers will be able to order what they require when they require it with the confidence that their order will arrive quickly thanks to same-day shipping services.


Using a third-party logistics provider like Ottawa Logistics to handle your same-day deliveries can significantly lower costs over time. We guarantee the highest level of professionalism and that your deadline will be met.

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