Receiving And Cross Docking

One of the most crucial steps in the supply chain is the receiving procedure in the warehouse. At Ottawa Logistics, we provide an unbeatable receiving process as well as cross docking services because we understand that speed and productivity of a supply chain has become an important factor of growth for organisations. Our cross-docking services allows products from a supplier or manufacturing plant to be distributed directly to a customer or retail chain with marginal to no handling or storage time.

Warehouse Receiving Process

Receiving items into the warehouse entails more than merely waiting for goods to be delivered to the warehouse. We plan your reception procedure carefully so that your business and distribution perform optimally. An optimised warehouse receiving process for all our clients is important to us especially during holiday and busy periods. We make sure your shipment gets to the customers in no time.


At Ottawa Logistics, we ensure the shipping of your inventory go as smoothly as possible while saving costs. Additionally, by using our global warehouse network, you can reduce shipping costs, shorten transit times, and do a lot more. You can connect with your customers on a global scale. Contact us today.

Boost Productivity with Cross Docking Service

Would you characterise your supply chain as efficient and quick? If not, then implementing cross-dock operations could give your business a competitive edge within your sector since a cross-dock can reduce handling times and maximise efficiency. In essence, cross-docking eliminates the supply chain’s storage link.


To create an effective and continuous journey, goods are directly reloaded onto outbound trucks after being unloaded. At Ottawa Logistics, consolidating goods for the same destination into fewer transport trucks is simple. For simpler distribution, large cargo can also be divided into smaller portions. These outcomes lead to a supply chain that is leaner and more effective for your business needs.

Cross Docking at Ottawa Logistics

Integrating cross-docking into your retail supply chain has a number of key advantages. Inventory handling and storage expenses are drastically decreased as a result of products spending less or no time in the warehouse. Additionally, goods often arrive at their end destination to the customer considerably quicker giving your business an advantage over competitors. Additionally, since there is less handling, there are less handling related damages during the shipping process.  


Less-than-load shipments are used since it is often not possible for businesses to send out full truckloads of their goods. This implies that your product must pass through several shipping facilities before reaching its destination. Your product can go through a limited number of places before reaching its destination by using a cross-docking process. This translates to a lower probability that any damage will happen.

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