What You Should Know Prior to Contacting a Fulfillment Provider

What you should know prior to contacting a fulfillment provider.

What You Should Know Prior to Contacting a Fulfillment Provider

We at Ottawa Logistics receive many inquiries for e-commerce fulfillment, and we strive to respond to each request promptly. To help us get a quote to you as quickly as possible, we have created the below list of what you should know prior to contacting a fulfillment provider. Please take a moment to review and answer these questions before requesting a quote.

About You:

  • What software platform do you use to sell your products?
  • Do you sell to businesses, consumers, or both?
  • Do you sell to the US, Canada, or both?
  • Do you sell to any additional countries? If so, please provide a list.


Your Products:

  • How many unique products (SKUs) do you sell?
  • What are the weights and dimensions of your products when packed and ready to ship?
  • How many orders do you expect to ship per month (less than 100, 100-500, 500+)?
  • Will your products arrive at the fulfillment center in ready-to-ship packages or will they arrive in master cartons that contain multiple packs of the same item?
  • How often do you plan to replenish your stock at the fulfillment warehouse?
  • What will be your replenishment volume (pallet, sea container, etc.)?



  • Do you need our fulfillment company to provide packaging materials for shipping?
  • Do you have any special branding requirements?


Our dedicated staff are excited to help you distribute your products. When you contact us for a quote, we will use the answers to the above questions to create a plan for warehousing and distribution that fits your unique needs. Thank you for considering Ottawa Logistics!


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