5 Steps to Bolster Your E-commerce Customer Retention

Maintaining a competitive edge in an increasingly aggressive e-commerce industry is necessary for survival and sustained growth for your business. Through innovation and customer appreciation measures, your company can retain existing customers and expand your client base as new customers hear about your measures to reward loyal customers. Below are five things that you can […]

Canada – the next Frontier of E-commerce

According to Forrester Research, a full 10 percent of Canadian retail will be conducted via the online space by the year 2019. Statistics Canada reported that total retail sales in Canada in 2014 stood at $505 billion, and they are likely higher today if trends are any indication. If you are looking to bring your […]

Taking Spivo Stick to the next Level – an Ottawa Logistics Case Study

When a company starts, the main focus is product development and marketing. But what happens when you start selling your products to your customers? Take a look at how Spivo Stick, a startup action sports product company, solved their fulfillment challenges with the help of Ottawa Logistics. Spivo Stick started in a big hole – […]

Finding the Right Logistics Partner for Your Direct Sales Operation

Regardless of industry, your direct sales supply chain needs to adapt to the globalization of the economy and the subsequent change in consumer behavior and technology this brings. The door to door salesman is quickly being replaced by the immediacy and indirect selling techniques of social media and online conferencing. As a company scales, the […]

The True Cost of Shipping – How It Can Break the Bank for Direct Sales Businesses

Marc Andreessen correctly observed that “today’s leading real-world retailer, Wal-Mart, uses software to power its logistics and distribution capabilities, which it has used to crush its competition.” Such is the case in smaller circles for many direct sales companies. Formerly successful businesses are finding themselves upended by competitors that have learned to reduce their costs […]

3 Ways to Cut Your Overhead with Direct Sales Fulfillment

“What has destroyed every previous civilization has been the tendency to the unequal distribution of wealth and power,” Henry George wisely stated. If you consider your company a civilization of its own, and you are struggling with the cost effectiveness or the process of your order fulfillment, then you can understand the politics of distribution. […]

3 Effective Methods for E-commerce Customer Retention

Repeat customers are a key foundation of any business. Yet the present world seems to turn on a dime, with new internet based companies popping up on a daily basis. Here are three ways to ensure e-commerce customer retention in these modern times. INTERACTIVITY Social media is now a dominating force in nearly every industry. […]

Drive Profits by Kitting

Kitting can make your customers happy and keep your fulfillment costs down. Of course, kitting is the practice of combining multiple products into a single package for the purposes of sales, logistics and fulfillment. Kitting is good for sales; it encourages your customers to buy multiple products at once, often in exchange for a small […]

Packaging 101 for E-commerce

With shipping costs rising all the time, mailing and packaging costs can cut into a company’s profit margins, especially for small and mid-sized businesses. As this post, packaging 101 for e-commerce, illustrates it doesn’t take much effort to lower your company’s packaging and shipping costs while putting more money towards your bottom line.The first thing […]