Top 5 Ecommerce Blogs in 2016

As the Internet has grown over the last few years, it has catalyzed impressive changes in the way commerce is conducted — regardless of sector. Additionally, the Internet has spawned incredible amounts of new business ventures. These new companies offer an incredible array of services and goods, both old and new in type. But especially important is the new era of online sales in the ecommerce sector.
Ecommerce companies offer the full spectrum of services and goods, just without brick and mortar stores. However, in addition to ecommerce companies themselves, a whole industry has grown up alongside them, built to help and educate up-and-coming ecommerce businesspeople. The Internet and its sales trends change every year; the blogs do not always follow. Therefore, there are 5 top ecommerce blogs that are especially relevant in 2016.
  • 1
    A Better Lemonade Stand. This blog follows founder Richard Lazazzera as he builds and ecommerce brand from nothing — providing indispensable insight in how to begin a brand in this day and age. It’s also especially good because he is very transparent with how things are going for his business.
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    In a similar vein as ABLS is also Bootstrapping Ecommerce. Founded by Shabbir Nooruddin, this blog also focuses on starting up anEcommerce business. It’s useful as another voice to compare and contrast with ABLS.
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    Practical Ecommerce. This blog has been around for a while (9 years), but they have put in the effort to keep up with the times. Full of down to earth tips and insight, Practical Ecommerce also occasionally hosts useful webinars.
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    Groove. In a very different vein, this blog includes insightful (and entertaining) commentary, as well as interviews with successful online businesspeople. Groove also offers professional marketing services, which may be useful for some enterprises.
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    Finally, Get Elastic. This blog is a giant in the field, and Linda Bustos and contributors always provide great ideas and details — no wonder it’s so well-regarded.
    There are, of course, many other great ecommerce blogs, but these five offer a great snapshot of what’s out there, and they are all well-regarded and worth reading — for both newcomers and old hands.
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