Shopify Fulfillment Simplified


Ottawa Logistics makes Shopify fulfillment services easy and efficient. Not only do you get the unsurpassed quality and service of a company that has been performing successful fulfillment programs for clients in Canada since 1918, but you also get the ease of using a technology application that is integrated with the Shopify platform so that you can focus on running your store without the worry of fulfillment and shipping.


How Does Our Shopify Fulfillment App Work?


Ottawa Logistics’ warehouse management software package provides a turnkey integration with Shopify web stores. Within minimal set up, your Shopify cart can communicate directly with our warehouse management system, allowing us to:


• When an order is placed on your Shopify web store, the order information is sent over directly to our warehouse management system so that our warehouse staff can print the pick ticket and pick, pack, and ship your product.
• Our system automatically sends tracking information to your customer and back to your Shopify store.
• Online systems allow you to view all of your order and inventory information in real-time.


Best of Class Fulfillment Services for Your Shopify Store


You have a choice – there are quite a few fulfillment companies in Canada. But Ottawa Logistics clearly stands out from the pack.


1. We’re a company you can trust! In business since 1918, we’ve been serving companies with their fulfillment needs for almost a century. From small and growing online retailers to governmental organizations and everything in between – you can trust that our service will be best of class.
2. We use state of the art technology. From bar code scanning technologies to sophisticated integration with online applications – Ottawa Logistics uses the latest in technology in order to minimize errors and maximize efficiency – which helps us keep your cost structure affordable and customers happy.
3. Superior freight rates. We ship a lot of stuff for customers, so we have volume discounts with the major freight carriers. We use these volume discounts to offer you lower freight rates, saving your business valuable money.
4. Our people are the best! Okay, we may be partial, but suffice it to say that we know just how important people are in this process. We invest highly in our team and keep them up to date with the latest and greatest training.
5. Strategic location for Canadian distribution. We’re located in Ottawa, strategically between Toronto and Montreal – so that you can capitalize on lower freight rates and shorter shipping times to the most popular cities in Canada!


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