Shipping and warehousing nutraceutical, health, and beauty products

Industries with a need to ship especially sensitive products must conform to higher operational and safety standards, and keeping up with regulations and duties is a full time job. The right logistics partner within the nutraceuticals and beauty industries will have the experience to watch for pitfalls and the creativity to work around new concerns.
Here are a few criteria for choosing a shipping and warehousing partner for your nutraceuticals business.

Omnichannel Reporting and Distribution

Your logistics partner has to be able to navigate solutions on the fly in the beauty and nutraceuticals industry; there is no telling what regulation will pop up next. The way to determine if your company should be your partner is not to wait until an emergency happens. Vet them according to the varied solutions they already have in place.
Are there small parcel shipping solutions waiting in the wings with accurate and transparent online reporting for your shipments? Does your partner company have temperature control for storage of products if they become held up in some way? Is there another check for GMP adherence within your partner company? Does your fulfillment company have appropriate site licensing for natural health products and medical devices?

All of these questions must be answered before you commit yourself to a logistics company that will not be able to properly service your business.

Delivery to Emerging Markets

Up and coming markets such as China are growing the fastest when it comes to deliveries from the nutraceuticals industry. Although the US is still number one for shipments, any company would be remiss to look over the opportunity for expansion that globalization gives.
However, emerging markets are also more unstable. Tariffs tend to be more volatile, and the rules have not been quite set in stone. In order to get beauty and health products in certain countries, your fulfillment partner needs to be fast on its feet and well versed with the local freight customs. Make sure that you have a logistics partner with experience in the areas that you choose to deliver your product around the world.

Flexibility in Fulfillment

An end to end, flexible platform for delivery is absolutely essential for the health, beauty and nutraceuticals industry. Flexibility in working around regulations that have little to do with your products or production schedule is the job of the logistician. Too much pressure thrown back in the fulfillment chain means more money and time spent packaging and repackaging.
There is no reason for you to guess once you have made the commitment to a certain volume and a certain destination. You need a company that understands how to move your shipments forward through a flexible fulfillment plan rather than throwing the blame back on you, making you eat the costs of reworking some sort of production and packing plan to make things happen.

The nutraceuticals market is expected to reach $204.8 billion by the year 2017, according to Transparency Market Research. There is no need for you to miss out on one penny of this new industry waiting on proper fulfillment. Ottawa Logistics is an established and experienced distribution and fulfillment center within the nutraceuticals and beauty product industry. We have the solutions that you are looking for – all that we really need is your permission to get started. Give us a call or an email today with any questions or quote requests.