How Choosing Eco-friendly Packaging for Your Products Can Help You Build a Better Brand – While Saving the World

Benefits of using eco friendly packaging for your products.

How Choosing Eco-friendly Packaging for Your Products Can Help You Build a Better Brand – While Saving the World


In today’s day and age of social media marketing, the race to gain trust among potential customers is anybody’s game for the taking. One of the ways you can set yourself above the competition is to establish yourself as a company who cares. As you up value-added posting on your site blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts, better your products and deliver pristine service, you can also show that you care about the greater community by a little social consciousness–and this can include choosing eco-friendly packaging for your products, as suggested in articles like “5 Green Marketing Strategies to Earn Consumer Trust” in GreenBiz online magazine.

It’s a Win-Win

It is no secret that many companies are utilizing such strategies as they seek to find new and better ways to “go more green.” Whether this is by harnessing solar power, properly recycling the by-products of their manufacturing processes, or by implementing efforts to reduce one’s total carbon footprint, it is just simply fact that the world is made better by these efforts. By including eco-friendly packaging as part of what your business does to contribute toward green progressions–or just even by beginning here, you can reap rewards beyond just saving the environment that have a lot to do with the smart business-end of things, too.

Some Benefits Spelled Out:

  1. You will attract those customers seeking eco-friendly suppliers. Many middlemen today are taking a stand on green. They search for suppliers that are environmentally conscious, as referenced in leading digital transportation publication, InboundLogisitcs. They may choose you over the competition for this reason alone, seeking you out above others in your niche to stock their shelves. Not only will companies want to use you as their supplier, but their environmentally conscious end product buyers will choose your products, too, because they are packaged the way they are. So, you will be passing along benefit twice by meeting the demand for green offerings in the marketplace.
  2. You can sell the waste-not want-not perk. By going with green packaging you will be leveraging convenience for your buyers. They won’t have to work as hard to get rid of the waste products associated with their purchase as eco-friendly packaging is generally compostable and easily broken down and disposed of. You and these buyers are now working together toward a common good.
  3. It can save you and your consumers money. Eco-friendly packaging is usually less packaging, and less expensive to create, touts articles like Good Things Come From Green Packages. It often weighs less, is more minimal, ends up being smaller in size and comes from something already existing, making your finished package easier and lighter to ship and less expensive to acquire. You can fit more of the final package on trucks, trains or planes, and they will be less expensive to get from here to there due to more minimal density. You eliminate unnecessary outer packaging, negating the costs associated with them. You can even reuse transportation bins or recyclable totes during your shipping process (instead of disposable alternatives like boxes and bags) so there is less waste and less cost of preparing each shipment for transport.
  4. The 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) = good karma. Of course, eco-friendly packaging is the best kind of packaging for our earth. It is made from recycled materials and it is biodegradable. That kind of good really does speak for itself, and many believe, will come back to you in kind.

No matter what your motives are, you can’t go wrong from making this transition–for your own benefit and the world’s. Consider where you will start winning your customer’s trust today… and deserving it. Consult with an expert at Ottawa Logistics to find out how you can easily put the benefits of using eco-friendly packaging to work for your business–contact us and take your first steps toward green.

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