Order Fulfillment Made Simple with Ottawa Logistics’ Cloud Based System

It’s no secret – order fulfillment services have evolved significantly over the years and companies that utilize outsourced 3PL services have increased needs for system integrations, order exchange, and reporting features. Ottawa Logistics has paid close attention to these needs, and has taken great steps in order to provide the kinds of robust technology solutions that can meet the requirements of businesses both small and large. Through an implementation of one of the industry’s most advanced warehouse management software solutions, Ottawa Logistics is able to offer its customers integration with unlimited order management platforms, a cloud based customer web portal, and online reporting that provides real-time access to key logistics information.

Integration with Your Order Management Systems Made Simple


In the past, connecting order management platforms with outsourced fulfillment company’s warehouse management systems was difficult, time consuming and expensive. Thankfully, our technology now makes integration easy. For many of the most popular shopping carts, Ottawa Logistics already has pre-existing integrations. And for less popular software, integration is still performed quickly. Below are some examples of the platforms that we work with currently:

  • amazonNetsuitemagentoAmazon
  • Shopify
  • Netsuite
  • Bigcommerce
  • CS Cart
  • Hubsoft
  • Magento
  • UltraCart
  • Zoovy
  • Volusion
  • And much more…


An Online Web Portal and Awesome Reports Gives You the Visibility You Need


Everything you need to manage the logistics function is available at your fingertips online with our online web portal. Simply log in to your online account and you can enter and manage orders and view reports. Take a look at the screenshots below to see just what you can expect with our technology.
Order Entry:

Our easy quick add feature allows you to simply type in the amounts you want ordered and we’ll be instantly notified.


Ottawa Logistics Online Fulfillment Portal

Transaction Report:

Tracking for all orders is available in the transaction report – and by clicking on the tracking number, it will link you to the Fedex website where you can view the progress of the order.


Item Activity Report:

The item activity report gives you details on a specific item number. It will list all orders this particular item was shipped out on, or received into inventory.


Stock Status Report:

The stock status report is in real-time and shows your current on hand stock. It will list what is available and what is allocated to an order awaiting shipment.

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