Our Order Fulfillment Services


As e-commerce and direct selling distribution methods have evolved over the years, Ottawa Logistics has led the way — providing online retailers and mail-order sellers with a complete inventory and distribution package that includes:


  • Order Fulfillment | Ottawa LogisticsInventory Storage and Management
  • Order Receipt and Tracking
  • Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment
  • Unique Kit Assembly and/or Custom Packaging
  • Shipment Status and Tracking
  • Customer Support



Shopping Cart Integration


Ottawa Logistics can seamlessly connect to your shopping cart provider so that we can receive your daily orders. We’ve integrated with the major shopping carts and marketing platforms, including:


shopify  amazon  magento  Netsuite woocom bigcommerce volusion ultracart


The Ottawa Logistics Advantage


As a dedicated 3rd party logistics provider, we’ve worked with hundreds of e-commerce businesses — and shipped tens of thousands of orders across highly diverse product lines. The keys to our success? Quality customer service, first-class facilities, and a benchmark barcode inventory management system that ensures you get maximum efficiency and accuracy while maintaining total control over your inventory.



Unique Order Fulfillment Solutions For Your Unique Business


Whether you’re just starting out or solidly established, about to ship your first order or servicing thousands of loyal customers, Ottawa Logistics is committed to helping you build your business. We’ve built our reputation as one of Canada’s premier logistics companies by recognizing that every customer is different. We’re committed to allowing you to focus on what you do best by supporting you with what we do best — seamless integration, responsive customer service, innovative software and the resources of a highly experienced team that knows the warehousing and distribution industry like no other.


Ottawa Logistics is your outsource solution to warehousing and fulfillment requirements.  From raw materials to print publications, virtually any asset in inventory can be efficiently stored, tracked, picked, packed and distributed, allowing customers to be able to focus on what they do best.


Barcode Technology


Order Fulfillment Solutions | Ottawa LogisticsThrough the use of barcode technology, customers are able to know at all times status of their inventory. The barcode technology system has five key components: bar codes, wireless handheld computers, wireless access points, software, and an Internet module.  Through this efficient system, customers can be confident in Ottawa Logistics’ process of planning, implementing and controlling procedures to efficiently and accurately track and store goods.  Handheld computers scan the barcode and the information is transmitted by radio frequency to the access point that covers 160,000 square feet.  The access point allows the system to operate wirelessly and instantly update to the software that generates the data for the Internet module.  Customers are able to benefit from the fast and accurate data entry that can be immediately seen via the Internet in regards to their inventory and can even generate reports by item, transaction, location or owner.


The Barcode System Process


The barcode system helps throughout the entire process: receiving, putting away, picking and distributing.  During receiving, bar codes are placed on items, the information is scanned into the handheld computer, and the data is instantly updated and available for viewing.  When putting away items for storage, the barcode system tracks where the items are placed for efficiency and accuracy.  When picking items for shipping, the online order that is filled out on the browser window goes directly to the handheld computer device of the warehouse, and the locations of the items are verified.  As soon as the list is completed, a packing list is printed automatically and the order is sent to the customer.


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