Our MLM and Direct Selling Fulfillment Services


Ottawa Logistics has a successful track record of implementing and executing sophisticated Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and Direct Selling fulfillment programs for some of the world’s largest MLM companies. If you’re searching for a competent company to successfully run the fulfillment for your program, not any run of the mill fulfillment company will be up for the task. MLM fulfillment programs are extremely difficult to perform with little to no error for a number of reasons. They require a highly personal partner that has an uncanny attention to the details. Presentation of every piece of material is vitally important, so the fulfillment partner must be able to ensure high quality presentation permeates throughout the entire campaign. Each direct sales campaign is different, and may require high levels of customization with complex and detailed requirements, including kitting and assembly service. Of course, a successfully run Multi Level Marketing fulfillment program requires that the provider is well able to handle an extremely high volume of orders. Because Ottawa Logistics has experience with handling these types of projects, the company is best suited to meet your strict requirements. Why should you trust Ottawa Logistics for your MLM fulfillment campaign?


Volume Shipping Discounts


Because we run current MLM programs with major shipping carriers, we have significant discounts on freight rates – which we can pass on to you.


The Right Size to Handle Your MLM Fulfillment


One often overlooked component when searching for an appropriate provider is finding an adequate ‘fit’ in terms of size of the company. If you choose a company that is too large, while they may be able to handle the sizeable volume, they may not offer the right amount of customization required in this type of a program. On the other end of the spectrum, if you choose a company that is too small, while they may be more progressive in terms of flexibility, they may implode when dealt a high volume of orders. Ottawa Logistics is not too large and not too small – offering the perfect balance between capability to handle large order volumes while at the same time offering a high degree of flexibility and customization.


Multiple Locations across North America


Based in Ottawa Canada and serving most of the major markets of Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal), Ottawa Logistics is strategically located for Canadian distribution. Furthermore, with strategic partnership in Dallas Texas, our company offers one point of contact for MLM distribution throughout Canada and the US.

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