How to Increase Efficiency and Promote Safety Through Good Warehousekeeping

A well-kept warehouse is the cornerstone of a company’s efficiency. Key features of a well-organized warehouse include a clutter free floor, clearly labeled products, proper lighting and a climate-controlled environment. In addition to facilitating the order fulfillment process and enhancing efficiency, good warehousekeeping benefits employees by offering a safer, more pleasant work environment.

Promoting Safety with a Well-Organized Warehouse

Warehouse employees spend a significant part of their day retrieving products from shelves and transporting goods from one area of the warehouse to another. This process often involves the use of forklifts, mobile ladders and other special equipment needed to retrieve heavy items or products stored on high shelves. The presence of clutter can interfere with the proper use of these devices, creating challenging and hazardous safety conditions for employees. By ensuring that the warehouse floor is free of products and debris, the risk of employee injury is reduced.

The Impact of Climate Control and Proper Lighting on the Work Environment

In addition to having a positive impact on employee satisfaction, a well-illuminated, climate-controlled warehouse can impact production processes. For instance, a well-lit warehouse facilitates the picking process by allowing employees to quickly and easily scan inventory to gather the proper products. And an air-conditioned facility helps promote employee health by reducing the possibility of heat exhaustion, heat stroke and lethargy among employees.

How Organized Inventory Management Increases Warehouse Efficiency

Efficiency and accuracy can be greatly improved by implementing a well-organized inventory management system. This process begins with the clear coding or labeling of products in a standardized fashion and ends with the ability of staff to promptly locate and retrieve a requested product. By increasing the ease and speed with which a warehouse employee can retrieve an item, the entire order fulfillment process is expedited. Additionally, the potential for picking errors is reducedbecause the inventory management system directs employees to the proper storage area for a particular product.

The End Result of a Well-Kept Warehouse: Safer, More Efficient Operations

The benefits of a well-organized warehouse begin with a safer work environment and increased efficiency but extend beyond these key advantages. We invite you to contact us today to learn about the many ways that your company can benefit from obtaining a clean, climate-controlled warehouse. We look forward to hearing from you!