Hey Ottawa!  Avoid the Trip, PigeonShip!

Ottawa Logistics is excited to announce our newly created partnership with Pigeonship.
PigeonShip is a Utah Based, crowd sourced, on demand delivery service. Founded in 2012 by Jared Overton, PigeonShip has made a significant impact on the US final mile shipping industry and is now launching in Canada.
PigeonShip provides a platform for connecting businesses and individuals to a crowd-sourced fleet of couriers for final mile delivery. The couriers, also known as pigeons, generate revenue by performing deliveries during their daily driving routine while utilizing PigeonShip technology.
It’s a convenient, environmentally friendly, low cost solution to move packages from point A to point B quickly and effortlessly. Same Day Delivery at your fingertips!
Ottawa Logistics Fulfillment ships approximately 10 000 packages weekly, both nationally and internationally. We utilize a rate shop software which determines best rates amongst various carriers such as Purolator, Fedex and Canada Post. This rate shopping process provides the most economical form of shipping for our clients. Bringing PigeonShip into the fold allows OL to offer more competitive pricing to our customers for last mile delivery service.
Life just became a little bit more convenient for Ottawans now that PigeonShip has landed in our city.

Want to learn more about PigeonShip for your business or personal use? Interested in joining the flock as a carrier pigeon? Go to https://www.pigeonship.com/ or download the PigeonShip app http://blog.pigeonship.com/downloadapp/