Build Your Subscription Box Business with Ottawa Logistics

Ten years ago, the subscription box business was non-existent. But in the last decade, the industry has grown from nothing into one of the most popular types of online purchases worldwide. Companies like Birchbox, Barkbox, and Dollar Shave Club have led the charge; according to Fortune Magazine, Birchbox blossomed from its 2010 startup into a business that, as of 2014, had 800,000 subscribers and was valued at $485 million. And the industry as a whole continues to expand.
If you’re starting out as a subscription box entrepreneur, this is an exciting time. But your business is still nascent, trying to flourish, and you want to grow quickly to take advantage of the industry’s popularity. What do you do if you don’t have a wealthy uncle or friendly venture capitalist by your side?
The answer is Ottawa Logistics, a flexible boutique fulfillment company. We are a warehousing company experienced in all the logistical aspects of the subscription box industry; working with us will allow you to focus on managing the marketing, sales, and corporate relationships necessary to expand your business.
We handle every aspect of a transaction. Our systems can integrate with yours to make sure we receive all orders as soon as they’re placed with you; our employees will accurately pack your customer’s box, no matter what service you provide; and not only are all orders shipped in a timely fashion, but our long-standing relationships with carriers both domestic and international reduce shipping rates, saving you money. We even handle returns, re-directions, and inspections, ensuring that you will not need to deal with any aspect of the order fulfillment process.
Consider the potential for your business when your time and money is spent expanding its reach into the world rather than on packing orders, warehouse acquisition and upkeep, and the employees needed for both. Ottawa Logistics can make it happen. Contact us for details.