A Top 10 List of Trending Products to Sell Online

One of the many advantages of operating order fulfillment companies in Canada and the U.S. is the ability to see firsthand some of the top products that are selling online. This information serves as a valuable barometer for retailers and consumers. Below is a top 10 list of trending products to sell online:


1. Snack Subscription Boxes. These boxes provide a convenient way for consumers to sample the latest in healthful and satisfying foods.

2. Smart Pills. In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, people are increasingly seeking stimulants to optimize their brain power.

3. Organic Tea / Detox Tea. Tea connoisseurs are always in search of the latest loose leaf organic teas and perfectly balanced detox teas.

4. Graphic Socks. Socks with wacky designs and entertaining messages are rising in popularity.

5. Sleep Aids. With over half of all adults reporting difficulty falling asleep at night, it is not surprising that sleep aids are one of the top e-commerce products.

6. Pet Care Products. Pet products are in high demand with over one-third of the households in America having at least one dog or cat.

7. Baby Products. With new babies being born every minute, new parents and family members are constantly in need of baby products.

9. Specialty Sporting Goods. The sporting goods industry is becoming increasingly specialized, with an increased demand for field and stream products and other outdoor sporting goods.

10. Educational Products. Home schooling is on the rise in North America, contributing to the rising popularity of educational products.