3 Effective Methods for E-commerce Customer Retention

Repeat customers are a key foundation of any business. Yet the present world seems to turn on a dime, with new internet based companies popping up on a daily basis. Here are three ways to ensure e-commerce customer retention in these modern times.


Social media is now a dominating force in nearly every industry. Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms enable people to communicate at light speed. No longer can businesses be a faceless entity; e-commerce companies are especially subject to this. As a result, one of the most important factors in successful retention of customers is providing a multitude of avenues for interaction. Mobile apps and benefits for checking into a particular location are both examples of this.


The perception that an open dialog exists is important to virtually all consumers. Another concept gaining traction is personalizing communication between clients and customers. Although similar to interactivity, this entails a business making individualized responses to users’ feedback, as well as providing the ability for customizing one’s experience. Freedom of choice is a central concern to the public; they want companies to provide them with all possible options, rather than the typical three prong approach used in the past.


While any consumer appreciates direct communication and the individualization of business practices, customer service retains a central role in customer retention. Even when executing the previous methods perfectly, horrible customer service will turn away the most loyal of patrons. Providing prompt, accurate shipping details is one route towards meeting expectations. Responding to potential problems quickly and efficiently is another integral element for creating long-term fidelity with consumers. Offering coupons, discounts, and/or rewards programs further entices customers to continue coming back.
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